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CA firm intending to purchase practice - Detail Arrangement

Arrangement Forum

Arrangement Title : CA firm intending to purchase practice
Arrangement Type CA firm intend to purchase practice
Arrangement Status open
Creator / CA Firm kamalakanthan
Arrangement's Commercial Profit sharing
Starting Date 13-Feb-2016
End Date 13-Feb-2016
Target CA Firm's Composition any
Target CA Firm's existance (yrs)
Target CA Firm's service offerings
Target CA Firm's Location
No. of Partner in Target CA Firm
No. of human resource in Target CA Firm
Arrangement Description

Medium sized CA firm headquartered in Chennai looking out purchase practice from professionals in Trichy, Bangalore, Tumkur & Chennai.


Interested parties may contact me at +91 09842128785 or

No. of Partner in Target CA Firm
No. of Qualified CA
No. of CA firms in Target network

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