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In today’s competitive world CA firms are required to constantly explore new avenues to enhance / sustain their practice by –

  • Participating to Tenders / Empanelment
  • Getting Sub-contracted assignments
  • Getting assignment from industry
  • Sub-contracting assignments
  • Purchasing existing CA practice
  • Partnering with other CA firms
  • Creating Network with other CA firms
  • Merging with other CA firms
  • Hiring talented Articled Trainees and CA
  • Creating website to showcase repute is the only portal targeted to Indian CA firms which caters to all of needs of CA Firm. The CA Firm has to -

  • Register & create profile,
  • Post Assignment for outsourcing,
  • Post Arrangement for partnership
  • Post Arrangement for Merger / Network
  • Search eligible Tender & Apply offline
  • Search Assignment & Apply online
  • Search Arrangement & Apply online
  • Post job for Articled Trainee &
  • Post job for CA / Semi-CA

Get customized web-page as

  • About Firm
  • ICAI Registration
  • Worldwide Affiliation
  • Empanelment Details
  • HO & Branches
  • Human Resource
  • - Expertise wise
  • - Qualifications wise
  • - Profile of Key Personnel
  • Service Offerings
  • Industries served
  • Top Clients’ Profiles
  • Job openings
  • Active Assignment
  • Active Arrangement
  • Contact Details
  • Contact Form (Get SMS & E-mail)

Search Tenders Based on CA Firm's eligibility:

Currently all online resources available on the web provides just listing of the tenders. However, you may not be eligible to apply against all of those tenders due to conditions mentioned in Tender and no tool is provided to refine the listing. Therefore, you study reference documents of all the tenders and conclude whether you are eligible or not.

Therefore, on, we have identified general conditions put in Tenders and maintain data of these conditions separately so that you need not to look at the irrelevant tenders. Conditions put in are as under -

  • Composition of CA Firm
  • Empanelled with C&AG
  • State-wise base location condition
  • City-wise base location condition
  • Minimum no. of years of existence of firm
  • Minimum no. of Partners
  • Minimum experience of Partners in yrs
  • Minimum association period of partner with Firm
  • Similar assignment already done
  • Minimum no. of Qualified CA
  • Application Fees
  • Earnest Money
  • Professional Fees

Management Decision Tool to Service Buyer for selection of best suited CA Firm

It is very critical for any service buyer to select right CA Firm for their assignment. Currently, selection of CA firm is based on two broad perceptions.

I. Perception of CEO & CFO : Who look more from the perspective of investors / shareholders etc

II. Perception of Accounts & Finance Deptt. : Who believes on his own prior experience with any CA Firm or General enquiry from their colleagues or take reference from competitors.

Therefore many times, decision to select CA Firm is not a well informed decision since Finance executive has limited source of information pertaining to CA firms available in market having requisite capability & experience in specific industry & services as a result of which any more deserving CA Firm may remain unselected.

At, any service buyer can search & compare CA firms on various parameters such as

  • Empanelment
  • Worldwide affiliation
  • Head Office & Branches
  • No. of Human Resource & Qualified CA
  • Firm's experience in service offering,
  • Firm's experience in industry,
  • Experience of partners & directors,
  • Clients Profile

Alternatively, Service Buyer can post their requirement as "Assignment" and CA firms responds online





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