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M K Arora & Associates-Noida-9810636750 Jayant Raheja & Co.-Delhi-9811049599

Mahendra Tiwari & Co.-Thane-9820571396 SPAY & Co.-Pune-8793888000

Amit Ashok Jain & Co. - Udaipur-9166764488

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Guidelines for White Paper

Any registered member can submit White Paper for publication. We consider below factors before publishing -

  • - Topic should be relevant and current
  • - White Paper should be original. No copy-paste content or published rule / act.
  • - White Paper should not be too short. It should be at least 2-3 page content
  • - White Paper should be properly formatted in line breaks, paragraphs, bold, underline, spacing, etc
  • - White Paper should have adequate reference of law / authority
  • - White Paper should not contain other website links
  • - While submitting White paper - Section = White Paper & Category = White Paper
  • - If your white paper is not published in 2 days, then please check back your white paper for comments by Admin Team for reason of non-publishing

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