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Taxation of Works Contracts under TN VAT Vs Profit maximization in project execution. Written by Hits: 1434
Basic concepts of CMA data Written by Mukul Gulati Hits: 1733
XBRL : The Future of Financial Reporting Written by Nirmal Ghorawat Hits: 1710
KPMG Course for Accounting Professionals Written by Kaushalya Khatri Hits: 3532
Strategies for IPCC Exams Written by Mukesh Hits: 51241
Theory On Reverse Charge Mechanism of Service Tax Written by Mukesh Hits: 15380
“THE HARSHAD MEHTA SCAM” a perspective by Nishit Anadkat Hits: 16733
What To Do After Passing IPCC Group-I Written by Mukesh Hits: 94205
Old Schedule VI vs Revised Schedule VI Written by Mukesh Hits: 7569
Changes In Service Tax Written by Mukesh Hits: 8683

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