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post articleship scenario 6 years 9 months ago #3366

  • mayra singh
i am continuing my articleship in a small sized firm where there are no major exposures.
I am really worried as it is my last year of articleship and i do not know much about practical work like accounts audit taxation etc. My principle would not allow me industrial training even. Neither sufficient leaves are provided for studies. The leave period they will allow is only 3 months for my due attempt in Nov 2015.

I am very scared about what will be my future after becoming a C.A as i donot have good exposure for work.

please somebody help me out regarding the same. I am sinking down by thinking all this.

Also i have not made the work diary which an article should maintain, neither the principle made us make the same.

there is a lot of pressure. please somebody help out what to do.

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Re:post articleship scenario 5 years 5 months ago #3630

  • Nimish Goel
Let me tell you that if you are working in a small firm doesn’t mean that you would never be able to work in a BIG4. Please understand that people who work in BIG4 or any other great company are normal chartered accountants like everyone one of us and have a similar brain as we have. However, there’s only one difference – “FOCUS”. People who clear interviews in BIG4s or big companies like HUL, ITC, Citibank etc are fully committed and dedicated to their career and have a monomaniacal obsession to be the best in their field. Thats the only difference.
If you have a burning desire to make it in BIG4s or any other great organisation, you have to be fully committed to yourself, to your career and take constant steps to improve yourself, both technically and personally. Let me give you some quick tips:
1. Take your articleship very very seriously. Learn whatever comes your way and always respect your Partner. After all he has given you an opportunity to work in his firm. Try and use his expertise in whichever field he practices and learn the tricks of the trade from him. He may have a small firm, but after all he is running a firm and has employed you, which surely means he would have something to offer.
2. Read a lot. In addition to your study material and coaching classes notes develop a habit to read books on personal development, read books on how to improve your communication skills, both verbal and written because once you qualify as a CA, you wont get time to suddenly improve your skills. THis is a gradual process which should be started right from articleship days.
3. Stop wasting time on FB, WhatsApp and TV. These 3 years of your life are the most crucial ones and make the most of it. Remember, for a CA student, there is no bigger and better happiness than being called a CA. If you waste your time, you are wasting your life which will never come again. So, these three years focus only on yourself and nothing else. I am not suggesting you don’t be social, what I am suggesting is that your highest priority in life at the moment should be to learn more, continuously improving yourself and clearing your exams.
I would be happy to be a part of your journey towards becoming a CA and feel free to write to me should you need any help or guidance. And don’t forget me to call whenever you qualify as a CA.
Wishing you all green lights in life…For more articleship related questions, please go through my blog www.nimishgoel.com

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