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Time management strategies for answering MCQs 2 months 2 weeks ago #4178

One of the best things of having MCQs for any kind of professional exam is that the answer is right in front of you on the screen. You should find which one is right among the 4 (or more) options.

There is two way you can go about answering MCQs:

1) Chasing the right option
2) Eliminating the wrong options (doing this will help you increase the chances/probability of other answers being right)

Along with the above methods, I would suggest that you mark (or flag) a question the moment you know it's going to take more time/it is difficult/it would require brainstorming and move on with other MCQs which are relatively easy and less time-consuming. Once you're done answering all the easy or simple questions in short time periods, get back to the marked (or flagged) questions and spend the rest chunk of time-solving them. Doing this will not only boost your confidence that you've got the other questions right but also help you manage your time efficiently. These tips are very important for CPA and CMA exams.

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