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Steps to be followed :

1. Register as Employer : http://www.topcafirms.com/index.php/component/tpjobs/regemployernew

2. Activation Link will be sent to your email which needs to be activated by clicking on activation link

3. Post activation, login with username & p/w & you will be directed to http://www.topcafirms.com/index.php/launch

4. Click on Job -> Post Job on Main Menu : http://www.topcafirms.com/index.php/component/tpjobs/postjob

5. Go to Job Listing -> "Posted by you" in green sub-menu

You will be directed to http://www.topcafirms.com/index.php?option=com_tpjobs&task=yourjoblist

6. PUBLISH the job