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CA firms are generally interested in purchasing existing CA practice or partnering with other CA firms or creating Network with other CA firms or merging with other CA firms to enhance their CA practice.

CA Firms can Register as CA Firm and Post arrangement (can be called as Requesting CA Firm)

Arrangement can be posted as 3 Types -

  • Public : Any visitor can view the Arrangement details and any registered CA firm can apply "Expression of Interest"
  • Non-Public : Only registered CA firm can view the Arrangement details and any registered CA firm can apply "Expression of Interest"
  • Private : Only registered CA firm whose username selected by Service Buyer can view the Arrangement Details and selected CA firms can apply "Expression of Interest"

All registered CA firms get intimation on mail of new assignment. Post login, CA firms can apply to the Arrangement by clicking on "Expression of Interest" on respective Assignment. Further comments can be added at the time of apply to Arrangement

There are 3 ways to contact requesting CA firm -

1. If requesting CA firm has given its contact details in Name of contact person and Email id of contact person, then CA firm can contact them directly.

2. Private Message can be sent to other CA Firm (Username of CA firm is required to communicate with Other CA Firm which can be known as Name of CA Firm (Login as CA Firm before click here)

3. Click on "Arrangement Forum" and "Add Message" to discuss in public i.e. visible to Requesting CA Firm including other registered CA firms

Requesting CA Firm can choose best suited CA firm out of all CA Firms applied against Arrangement


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