Featured CA Firm (Twelve months)
₹ 23600

1.    You can buy "Featured CA Firm pack" @ Rs. 2,000/- p.m. and annual pack @ Rs. 20,000/- and save Rs. 4000/-

2.    Featured CA Firm’s profile link is displayed prominently on each webpage in a separate banner (In line with Advertisement guidelines of ICAI).

3.    A Featured CA Firm profile link increases the visit count by 5 times

4.    We allow only CA firms as per ICAI to register as service provider which differentiates us from other online portals where semi-qualified / non-qualified resources can handle clients.

5.    A CA firm can be searched based on below parameters therefore a complete CA firm profile increases the chances by 4 times –

a)      Area and City

b)      Services provided

c)      Years of Experience

d)      No. of Human resource

e)      TCF Ticked

f)       Affiliation

g)      Empanelment

h)      Mobile number verified


6.    You can also buy TCF Ticked CA Firms whose basic professional information are verified by TopCAfirms. This will cost Rs. 1000/- p.m.