Rule Name Rule Description Points
Verify CA Firm's Mobile No. Assigns point to CA Firm on mobile verification 300
New Client Assigns points to New Client 250
Submit article Assign points when a user submit an article 200
New CA Firm Assigns points to New CA firm 200
New Jobseeker Assigns points to New Jobseeker 150
New Trainee Assigns points to New Trainee 150
New Employer Assigns points to New Employer 100
Reply Client's Query Assigns points when a CA Firm posts a reply on client's query 50
Post CA Service Lead Assign points when a client post a service lead 50
Reader to author Assign points to the author when a user read an article. 0

Explore the Author within you !

  • Be the thought leader
  • Earn point for each published white paper
  • Earn points for every 1000 unique views

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