Seriously speaking adding two alphabet prefix ‘CA’ to your name should always be your dream while pursuing chartered accountant course.


An ever expanding economy, along with complex regulations and continuous amending laws, has led to a demand in the business world for expert advice. In the pecking order of finance, Chartered Accountants rank at the top as managers, consultants, bankers and tax advisors.


Undoubtedly, CA is an exclusive profession and demands complete dedication. Work and studies will take over your life, leaving little time for anything else. It also gets progressively tougher, as you go further, unlike other courses where getting in is winning 90% of the battle.


While preparing for CA exams, always analyze your strong and weak subject. Try to strengthen more and more on your strong subject and emphasize more and more on your weak subject. It is very important to provision enough time for revision of each and every subject.


The ICAI exams are very popular for its ‘googly’ questions from unexpected corners of the syllabus. Hence, always be prepared for the same and in case any such question is hindering your, just be confident and face the same, rather than getting nervous.


Students must always study the practice manuals and revision test papers published by the ICAI. Students should never forget to refer to the most recent case laws and recent amendments, notifications, circulars etc. Students must always remember to state all the assumptions they made while solving the problems since ICAI will always consider the answers with reasonable assumptions.


Many students have tendency to leave exam preparation to the last couple of months, however, this could prove to be very risky since any gap can have an adverse effect considering the vast volume of syllabus.


Following things may help the students while preparing for CA exams:-


1.    Just count the days you have to be invested in studies, rather counting the number of days you have wasted. Follow "what can be done approach"!


2.    Plan your subjects and divide the number of hours that you have among the subjects depending on your capabilities. Keep a provision for regular revision also. Regular study and revision will help you overcome the fear of CA Examinations.


3.    Go according to the plan. Execution of the study plan is important rather than just planning it. So keep the study plan realistic. As and when you achieve it you will grow in confidence.


4.    Revision of chapters studied is important. So keep a provision for revision in your study schedule. Quick revision will definitely increase your confidence.


5.    Prepare summary notes of the chapters when you study. Alternatively you can write four-five lines on each page's margin mentioning the important points and concepts that you studied in that page.


This will come more than handy in your exam days as you won’t have much time to study the whole book. Just reading those summary notes and concepts will help you recall the chapter content immediately.


6.    When you are studying any chapter just make an additional list of the concepts you found difficult to understand. You can read them properly during exam days.


7.    At a single time study two to three subjects. This will keep you away from the boredom of studying a single subject. You can keep a mix of theory and practical subjects which will keep you glued to your books. And most importantly don't read for the sake of exams but for the sake of learning. Always enjoy your studies!


8.    Prepare everything. Don't leave anything. In CA exam papers you will find only those questions which are not important and which should not have come. Work hard on the things you are good at. And work harder on those you aren't good at.


9.    If there are any changes/amendments in any subject, study them well. They are important from exam point of view.


10. If you are/have taken any coaching, follow the advice of your tutor. Stick to the same notes and books that you have been using from the beginning. Don't change your books. This creates a lot of problem in terms of, adapting to the style of writing the answers or approach to the problems.


Just remember one rule ‘There is no short cut to Success’ and for achieving success in CA examinations, you need to work hard, harder and hardest.


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