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Skills: Accounting, Concurrent Audit, Direct Taxation , Finance, Indirect Taxation , Internal Audit , Service Tax, Statutory Audit
CTC: -
Employer: N N Rao & Co
Contacts: NNRAO 
Publish Date: 01-Aug-2017
Views: 412
Skills: Direct Taxation
Experience: 1 to 3 yrs
CTC: -
Employer: mudrasunilassociates
Contacts: sunilagarwal
Publish Date: 15-Jun-2017
Views: 295
Skills: Direct Taxation
Experience: 1 to 2 yrs
CTC: -
Vijayawada, Hyderabad
Employer: Sri Viswanadha & Associates
Contacts: Sri Viswanadha & Associates
Publish Date: 02-Dec-2016
Views: 541
Skills: Accounting
Experience: 2 to 3 yrs
CTC: -
Employer: B Narsing Rao & Co
Contacts: B Narsing Rao & Co
Publish Date: 20-Apr-2016
Views: 430
Experience: 1 to 3 yrs
CTC: -
Employer: SVC Ventures Pvt Ltd
Contacts: SVC Ventures Pvt Ltd
Publish Date: 13-Apr-2016
Views: 305
Skills: Direct Taxation
Experience: up to 1 yrs
CTC: 50000 to 150000
Employer: VVN Steels Pvt Ltd
Contacts: Nitesh Aggarwal
Publish Date: 04-Dec-2015
Views: 340
Skills: Accounting
Experience: 2minimum yrs
CTC: 300000 minimum
Employer: Gorantla & Associates 
Contacts: Inderpreeth 
Publish Date: 26-Nov-2015
Views: 448
Skills: Indirect Taxation
CTC: -
Employer: Adecco India
Contacts: Adecco India
Publish Date: 04-Sep-2015
Views: 322
Skills: Internal Audit
Experience: 9 to 14 yrs
CTC: -
Employer: CEO Talent Search Pvt.Ltd
Contacts: Silvia
Publish Date: 01-Sep-2015
Views: 318
Skills: Finance
CTC: -
Employer: spectrum talent
Contacts: Sumana
Publish Date: 30-Aug-2015
Views: 307

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