Featured Candidate
₹ 236

1.     Featured Candidate Profile will cost Rs. 200/-

2.     Featured Candidate Profile has proven 3 times better results than normal candidate listing and will be active for 30 days.

3.     Featured Candidate are shown on priority in the listing / separate banner and eligible to shortlist 5 CA firms worth Rs. 250/-.

4.     Employer can search the candidates based on below parameters therefore complete profile further increases the chance by 3 times

a.      Trainee / CA / Semi-CA / Accountant

b.     Skills

c.      Years of experience

d.     Training status

e.      Area and City

f.       Rank holder / First Attempt CA

g.     CA Exams status

h.     Resume file uploaded

i.       Profile freshness

5.     Employer shortlists the best suited candidate to access contact details, Resume file and other details of the selected candidates.

6.     Each shortlisted candidate is informed with contact details of employer by SMS and email.

7.     Key statistics of the job and candidate are displayed for better and effective results - 

a.      Number of job views 

b.     Number of applicants

c.      Number of applicants reviewed by employer

d.     Job creation date and publish date

e.      Candidate’s profile creation date and update date

f.       Last login date of employer and candidate

8.     Employer gets SMS and email with contact details of each applicant. 



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