Featured Lead
₹ 500

You (Client) can enter details of CA service needs in "Need CA?" link

Buy Featured Lead @ Rs. 500/- for prioritizing the lead in listing to ensure faster closure.

All registered CA Firms of the city are informed about the lead thru SMS and E-mail. Your contact details are not shared.

CA Firm will bid on lead based on all available relevant information (except contact details of client).

On bid, contact details of CA Firm and Client are shared thru SMS with each other for faster and effective communication. You can also post your lead as Private to avoid sharing your contact information even at this stage.

Client will choose the best suited CA Firm and rate the CA Firm on completion of services.

Fees will be decided by CA Firm and Client mutually and paid directly by Client to CA Firm and TopCAfirms do not have any responsibility from either side.