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  • 1. What are the features of FORM GST ITC-04 Offline Utility?
    The Key Features of FORM GST ITC-04 Offline Utility are:
     The ITC-04 details can be prepared offline with no connection to Internet.
     Most of the data entry and business validations are in-built in the offline tool reducing
    errors upon upload of file on the GST

  • Downloading the FORM GST ITC 04 Offline Utility is a one-time activity, however, it may
    require an update in future if the Tool is updated at the GST Portal. Please check the version
    of the offline utility used by you with the one available for download on the GST Portal at
    regular intervals.
    To download and install the FORM GST ITC-04 Offline

  • One of the many disputes that have continued to exist in the present regime of taxation of sale of goods
    are the disputes pertaining to determination of the nature of transaction as inter-State sale subject to Central
    Sales Tax or local sale subject to VAT. Such disputes especially arise when assessee in a State sells goods to a
    buyer located in a different State.


  • The GSTR 9 is an annual return form to be filed by the regular taxpayer once a year with all the consolidated details of SGST, CGST and IGST paid during the year. Here, SAG Infotech briefs all the details and rules and regulations for GSTR 9 online filing along with step-by-step compliance procedure.

    Get to know all the related information of GST return 9 annual filing procedure, format, eligibility &


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