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  • Input tax credit is considered very significant for every business unit which is always in the need to invest in the business in the manner of capital. The need of capital is required each and every time a business gets ready for its next project. This time in GST, a business unit will be eligible for input tax credit, only if certain cases are met with the transactions.

    Invoice matching of both the parties

  • Search GST Number Using PAN

    GST Registration is mandatory for the business entities involved in buying and selling of goods and services with an annual turnover of Rs.20 lakhs. All registered taxpayers will be provided with a unique identification number known as GSTIN. The GST portal has been set up to search the GSTIN details using PAN. In this article, we look at the procedure to search for GST number

  • 1. Who can opt for Composition Scheme?

    Businesses with annual turnover up to Rs 1.0 crore* can opt for composition scheme.

    Turnover of all businesses with same PAN has to be added up to calculate turnover for the purpose of composition scheme.

    Only Manufacturers of goods, Dealers, and Restaurants (not serving alcohol) can opt for composition

  • Q.1. Can I view my submitted applications or queries raised by the Tax Officials at the GST Portal?

    Ans. The View My Submissions functionality provides the taxpayers to view all the applications and responses to the queries submitted by them to the tax authorities at a single location on the

  • Introduction
    A taxpayer can create challan under GST from GSTN portal for the purpose of payment of taxes. The payment particulars have to be fed in by the taxpayer or his/her authorized person as the case maybe. It is possible to fill in the challan form partially and temporarily “save” the challan for completion at a later stage. A saved challan can be “edited” before


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