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Q.1. Can I view my submitted applications or queries raised by the Tax Officials at the GST Portal?

Ans. The View My Submissions functionality provides the taxpayers to view all the applications and responses to the queries submitted by them to the tax authorities at a single location on the GST Portal.

On clicking View My Submissions, you will be able to see all your submitted applications and any responses you have submitted as well. The details will be displayed in descending chronological order as follows:



  • ARN
  • Submission Date
  • Form No./Description
  • View/Download

Q.2. For how long will my previous submission and responses be available on the GST Portal?

Ans. Previous submissions and responses will be available in the GST database for a five-tax period.

Q.3. Can I download my submissions and keep them for my personal records?

Ans. Yes, you can download all your submissions and keep them for your personal records.

B. Manual on how how to View  applications and responses to the queries submitted by at the GST Portal

How can I view the applications and responses to the queries submitted by me at the GST Portal?

To view all the applications and responses to the queries submitted at the GST Portal, perform the following steps:

1. Access the URL. The GST Home page is displayed.


2. Login to the GST Portal with valid credentials.

3. Click the Services > User Services > View My Submissions command.

Viewing My Submission Images 1


All the applications and responses submitted by the user are displayed in a chronological order (descending order).

Viewing My Submission Images 2

Note: You can view or download any of the documents by clicking the View or Download link.

You can also search for the application and responses submitted for a particular period.

4. In the Form No. drop-down list, select the relevant form number.

5. In the Submission Period, select the date range for the From and To period using the calendar.

6. Click the SEARCH button. The applications/responses submitted by you are displayed

Viewing My Submission Images 3


How to Submit Reply in respect of Clarification for GST Registration Amendment

1. I have received Notice for Seeking Additional Information / Clarification / Documents relating to Application for Amendment filed on GST :portal. Why? The Status of my application is “Pending for Clarification”. What does it indicate? Ans. If the Tax Official is not satisfied with the information provided at the time of Fresh Registration Application or at the time of filing amendment application in GST portal, the Tax Official can seek for clarifications from the taxpayer. In such cases, the status of the application is changed to “Pending for Clarification”. Below is Step by Step guide for submission of Reply online In case of Existing Registration: 1. Login to the GST Portal with valid credentials.

2. Click Services > Registration> Application for Filing Clarifications command.

3. In the Reference No. of Notice field, enter the reference number specified on the notice which you have received for filing the clarifications. Or In the Application Reference Number (ARN) field, enter the application reference number received corresponding to the application submitted. Click the SEARCH button.

4. In the Modification in the Registration Application filed field, select Yes or No. In case of Yes: a. Original application is available in editable mode for all those fields for which Notice has been issued. Edit the details and upload the additional documents wherever required. In case of No: a. In the Additional Information field, enter the additional information. Note: You need to enter response to all the queries in the textbox provided corresponding to each query. You can save the form at any point of time within the timeline of maximum 7 working days from generation of the Notice for seeking clarifications by the Tax Official.

5. Submit the application using SUBMIT WITH DSC or SUBMIT WITH E-SIGN as applicable/ eligible. In case of SUBMIT WITH DSC: a. Click the SUBMIT WITH DSC button. b. Click the PROCEED button. c. Select the certificate and click the SIGN button. d. Enter the PIN (dongle password) for the attached DSC. In case of SUBMIT WITH E-SIGN: a. Click the SUBMIT WITH E-SIGN button. b. In the Declaration box, click the AGREE button. Note: OTP will be sent to your e-mail address and mobile phone number registered with Aadhaar. c. In the Declaration box, click the AGREE button. d. Verify Aadhaar OTP screen is displayed. Enter the OTP received on your e-mail address and mobile phone number registered with Aadhaar. Click the CONTINUE button.

6. Success message is displayed. Note: Intimation of submission of the form by the Taxpayer is sent via SMS to the applicant on the registered mobile number. Email is sent to the applicant as well the authorized signatory.

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